“Stories from Civil Rights History, Then and Now”

Across the globe—in places large and small, rich and poor, more educated and less—we face monumental challenges. It can seem that we have never been so divided. Susan Follett believes in the power of story to dismantle those divides.

She grew up in the shadow and silence of Jim Crow, unaware of the March from Selma scarcely 100 miles from her hometown Meridian, Mississippi, where three civil rights workers disappeared during Freedom Summer. As an adult, she set out to understand why she did not know her own history and what might be different if she had. The FOG MACHINE is the result of her examination and reimagining of the times.    

Her “Stories from Civil Rights History, Then and Now” events help classrooms and communities connect history—often unknown and misunderstood—to today.

Who Should Attend

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Classrooms: 8-12 and university English and Social Studies

Communities: civic, religious, and business diversity gatherings

Educators: professional development workshops

What You’ll Take Away

Experience bridging divides and enabling difficult conversations through the POWER OF STORY

Ability to connect history to today, in order to carry its lessons forward to current challenges

Greater understanding of what causes prejudice and what enables change

An enhanced view of the Civil Rights Movement--as an ongoing fight with progress and setbacks

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Upcoming Events

In Progress

Meridian Reads, a community reading program exploring community and citizenship, freedom, prejudice, and equality—as well as the universal theme of finding our voice and what we stand for—in two different eras:

·         Back “then,” in the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, by reading The FOG MACHINE

·         “Now,” in current times, by reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

June 23, 2018

Stories from Civil Rights History, Then and Now: Meridian, MS at First Union Missionary Baptist Church, 1:00-4:00  


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